About the project



Welcome to the MWE Project web site!


The main aim of the MWE (Mentoring Women for Entrepreneurship) Project is to promote entrepreneurship among young women living in rural areas. This web site provides three different tools for this purpose.

  • The first tool consists of a collection of courses that will help you to create and develop new ideas for new business. 
  • The second tool is a network where you can get in contact with other young women in rural areas who also want to become entrepreneurs. 
  • The third tool is a database of Mentors from different countries. You can contact these mentors directly and ask for personal mentoring sessions. 



Project Background


The Mentoring Women for Entrepreneurship – MWE Project is based on the previous MW- Sonet Project, that focused on Mentoring Women with Social Networking. It set out to help rural women empower themselves in their efforts to become more active in influencing their social and economic environment. The project established a social network of women-mentors in order for them to share ideas, knowledge and skills. Such exchanges would take place both at local/national and international level. Building on these previous achievements, the MWE Project envisages further encouragement of the entrepreneurial spirit of young women in rural areas. By the means of a contextual analysis and an assessment of the target group, the project will use the most successful MW- Sonet training courses, create new training courses, and improve and adapt the social network to the new project.



Project objectives


The main objectives of the MWE Project are:

  • Fostering the entrepreneurial spirit of young women in rural communities in order to improve their social and professional status and gain equal gender rights 
  • Involvement and stimulation of young women who are active in rural communities to become mentors for other young women in each participating country 
  • Helping maintain the social and economic sustainability of rural areas 
  • Reducing the emigration flow from rural areas to urban areass 
  • Reducing the digital divide using Social Networks and eLearning tools 



Project deliverables


Learning through mentoring, exchanges of experience and practice is highly effective in rural areas where people have tendencies to learn more when guided by another living in the same environmental, economic and social context. To reach the set objective, the MWE-project uses the following tools:

  • Training/E-Learning Courses. With the aim of improving entrepreneurial and business competences in rural areas
  • Mentoring. With the aim of guiding young rural entrepreneurs with the help of experienced entrepreneurs in the region 
  • Networking. With the aim of establishing a social media platform for further exchange of experiences of young female entrepreneurs